YangMei Green smoothie with Avocado, yoghurt, chia seeds and yangmei syrup

Good morning! Made this YangMei Green smoothie in advance, last night while cooking dinner. Preparing ahead makes it easier in the morning while you are in a hurry without missing a healthy breakfast on-the-go. To put super food “Chia seeds” in to action with more healthy recipes, I’m sharing another super booster with Avocado, greek yoghurt, chia seeds and home-made 杨梅 yángméi syrup. 

YangMei Green Smoothie scroll down in the recipe box.

YángMéi superboost fruit! Latin name Myrica Rubra is called by many names Chinese Bayberry, Japanese Bayberry, Red Bayberry, Yumberry, Waxberry, or Chinese strawberry and a native fruit from where our family originates in China, Zhejiang Province. The fruit has been commercialised under the name “Yumberry” in the United States and under the same name trademarked in the EU, however I haven’t come across any products available apart from the tins sold at Chinese Supermarkts. Hence my own home-made products of YangMei coulis and syrup for in the YangMei Green Smoothie. Each sip of Yumberry Organic Juice packs an antioxidant punch!

Here an excerpt “What are yumberries and Why is yumberry the next Superfruit?”, click on the link to read full text by Scott Kessman.

 “Not too long ago, pomegranates were being showcased as fruits filled with antioxidants and were soon sold all over the United States in the form of juice. After that, goji berries and acai berries gained the name “superfruit” in no time at all, making people long to add them as a nutritious and delicious part of their diets. Now, there is an all-new berry about to join the scene: the yumberry.

Yumberries were originally known as yang-mei in China, where they are cultivated, and have been around for centuries. They kind of look like raspberries but have a sweet and sour flavor to them, more akin to pomegranate and cranberry juice. They also have a one-of-a-kind texture similar to citrus fruit flesh and have a seed inside.”

They look a little bit like a raspberry with a sweet-sour flavor similar to cranberry and pomegranate juice. Their texture is unique — slightly stringy like the flesh of citrus fruit — with a pit in the center. Photo credit of YangMei close-up belongs to Becky Ances who lives in China, where she discovered this exotic fruit on her exploration in a new culture. She wrote a YangMei berries post, click on the link to read full post.

close-up YangMei berry

close-up YangMei berry