Tropical thunderstorms


We`ve encountered numerous thunderstorms in Asia before, as quickly as they come with a hard downpour it vanishes as fast too. Although monsoon season has ended the weather gods assume differently.

While enjoying a foot massage outside a drizzle started and within 15-20min time it  flooded Central Pattaya. Stormy rainclouds accompanied with lightening blazing the sky followed with thunderous cracks. In no time the water level rose above knee-height. A renewed  experience for me, but not our friends. They were just dumbfounded how quickly harmless raindrops could turn into a hazardous rainfall.

We tried to wait it out but eventually you’ve gotta make a dash for transport and a wetsuit. A digital temperature display showed 23.9°C still pleasant, so as the Thai would say “Mai pen rai” meaning never mind/it`s okay. ◆smile◆

Our songtel taxi had to detour twice on route to get us to our destination. After arrival and a hot shower to clean up, night-life resumed and we finally could enjoy the results of our earlier foot massage fully relaxed by closing our eyes. The next morning the sun broke through the sky we decided to visit the beach again to enjoy a different liquid sunshine, a swim in  the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast side.