Time-zone digital globe

On the way to the Schiphol airport I arrived far too early and after having a coffee, strolled around in the shopping area at Departure Hall 3. From a distance you could hardly miss the electronic display of  the Time-zone digital Globe at Schiphol Airport, it is a “big” blue balloon. While approaching you can not help yourself but imagining you are on board of your plane and actually counting the minutes till take-off.

In just a few hours we will be flying to a different time-zone in Asia, our destination Bangkok,Thailand. Flying eleven hours into a time-zone seven hours ahead of our current position Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Goodbye rain, hello Sunshine!

Time, before the invention of clocks we used position of the sun to measure time by using sundials. As the sun moved across the sky, its shadow aligned with marking lines etched on a surface. These sun dials have become antiquity. On the Internet accessible World Clock or handy mobile apps with time-zone and cities for work and social contacts have become clicks in a blink.

Being here and working five days a week, from nine-to-five or different hours, the week, months, quarters and whole year being ruled by a calendar and time-schedule, tick-tack, tick-tack. To know that as soon as I am board I will change the time on my tablet, take off my watch and wiggle my toes in anticipation of sand, sea, sun and freedom of not being ruled by time. For a short period I will rule my day as I see fit…..well that’s what I want to believe, so bear with me for now.

Calculating time in places at other countries or parts of the world  than your home-base used to be a hassle. The website everytime zone makes it so easy viewable in a glance, just as the digital globe object placed at shopping area at Schiphol Airport.

Time and distance for travel sure have become digits on a sphere. Question: Where are you know?