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2015 Taiwan hot springs and fine cuisine

Having lived in TienMu, Peitou and TanShui, the nearby Hot Springs were frequently visited by our family. It’s one of my most favorite discoveries while living and enjoying Taiwan. Just stumbled upon this article about Taiwan’s 8th Hot Spring and Fine Cuisine Carnival.

Especially at this time of the year when temperatures begin to drop, not only the locals but also overseas tourists visit Taiwan specifically for the hot-spring spots. As the eighth Taiwan Hot Spring and Fine-Cuisine Carnival 台灣好湯溫泉美食嘉年華, organized by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications 交通部觀光局, recently kicked off in Hsinchu 新竹, many are anticipating the ultimate pleasure of soaking in natural springs while having a bite of fine gourmet food.

Find Your Type of Spring

Several kinds of thermal springs can be found throughout the island due to Taiwan’s geographic location, including sodium carbonate springs (碳酸泉), sulfur springs (硫磺泉), salt or hydrogen sulfide springs (食鹽泉), sodium hydrogen carbonate springs (碳酸氫鈉泉) and neutral springs (中性泉).

With relatively lower temperatures than other types of springs, sodium carbonate springs are said to be less risky for those who have heart disease or high blood pressure. Guguang hot springs (谷關溫泉) in Taichung (台中), for instance, are famous for this type of spring. Taipei, Yangmingshan (陽明山) and Beitou (北投) are the two most well-known spots for sulfur springs that are milky white in color and feature a peculiar smell, and they are said to be effective in healing chronic skin diseases.

As for the colorless salt spring waters, they are said to be able to help improve poor blood circulation as well as ease lower back pain. Sodium hydrogen carbonate springs are good for moisturizing, softening skin cuticles and even smoothing scars; they are especially popular among women and can be found in Wulai (烏來), Jiaoxi (礁溪) and Zhiben (知本). Last but not least, the neutral springs are colorless and without any smell, making them suitable for the elderly.

Read the full original post via Steam up with hot springs and fine cuisine – The China Post. Featured image source and credit: The China Post.

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