Rocky Road treats

Over time I have enjoyed many styles of Rocky Roads prepared with various ingredients, you’ll often see recipes named as bars, cupcakes, brownies, fudge or ice cream flavour. A treat very popularly among our British, American and Australian friends, it is a dessert as well as a snack and ice-treat. Rocky Road basic recipe consists of chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, dried fruit first, filled with all other kinds of confectionery ingredients or personal favourites.

Rocky Road treats style ingredients will tell its country origin, the basic ingredients always include marshmallows, milk chocolate mostly (but dark and white chocolate are used too);

  • Australian version you will find; desiccated coconut, peanuts (mostly, but other nuts too), glacé cherries or Turkish delight (or other fruit jelly-like ingredient).
  • British version you will find; biscuit, raisins/sultana’s with a light dusting of icing sugar on top.
  • American version you will find is with almond or walnuts, but most often in ice-cream form. If you like here’s a great Serious Eat’s Rocky Road ice-cream recipe.

In my Rocky road recipe version, the following ingredients of walnuts, cranberries and a nice pinch of cayenne pepper to add some heat, pairing it very nicely with dark chocolate. You will not complain if this in your lunch box, served with coffee, High tea or even with a beautiful glass of full-bodied deep red wine.

Rocky Road topped with crunchy walnuts sprinkles


For the Rocky Road Recipe just click here, on the recipe page you will find the recipe box with the English version and in the text below is a Dutch translation.

Watch for my next Rocky Road fudge recipe to be uploaded soon.

Rocky Road treats

Filled with marshmallow, walnuts, cranberries, covered in dark shiny and smooth chocolate

Sweets for my sweets hawkerfood (4)

If there is one stall you will find everywhere it must be the Thai Banana Roti or pancake on almost every corner, bridge, village and city. It is the ultimate favourite snack with many filling variations resembling French-style crepes. Believe me once your home this could be one of those comforting foods, you are craving because they are not easy to get lest to make at home without the art of flipping the roti paper-thin.

And honestly there has not been a visit where we didn’t at least have a few of these munching away. Without a doubt this is a popular sweetie anyone buys and she flicks whipping you to come back for another portion of Banana Roti.