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Trendy cover accessories for Smartphones & Tablets

As an avid user I have these devices as my personal kit and like to keep them at hand, functional and protected. Choosing a cover can be as simple, a fashionable or technical requirements as to one’ s liking or preferences, most brands offer choices of accessories as in slides, hard and soft covers but they are either butt ugly, not always practical or a short-lived  life-cycle that makes it just pricier. It is here were all the merchandising for accessories has found its way to owners and buyers to pimp up the hardware and apps for user convenience, I am a big fan of apps and will dive in a separate post with a list of favourites, most used etc.

The black keyboard cover (incl. USB cable)  as shown in the picture is a nifty Bluetooth gadget lightweight covering all applicable language character sets, this item is available at various online-shops in The Netherlands. I’ve purchased this model for €30 and enjoyed using it but carrying other devices along over time in my purse does get bulky and heavy. It wasn’t for long that I started looking at other possible functional accessories in China.

The fun of this 7inch tablet is the very convenient size, it’s big enough to read and hold comfortably. The Samsung GT-P1000 included apps with a pre-installed skin. But I opted to download Kindle and FBreader to use as favourite e-reader apps, read my post on apps & widgets for smartphone and tablets with more information.

Unfortunately no more examples or stock at the moment for 7inch Tabletphone covers, new models are on the way leave me a comment or send me an email if interested.

Smartphone covers for Samsung SIII model, I am using the green croco-print and am selling the other colour & models as shown.

The black croco model – €18,50 |   White model with strap €15,00  |   The red swivel model €12,50