President’s wife

Cathay Tulip, overnight sensation

Peng Liyuan, the wife of the President of China Xi Jinping named in the presence of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima a special tulip in Keukenhof.

Cathay tulip christening by Peng Liyuan, China President's wife

Photo source credit: Shanghai daily

With the name giving ceremony this purple parrot tulip has the name, for eternity “Cathay Tulip”.

Cathay Tulip

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Peng Liyuan’s “Cathay” tulip debuts in Beijing, click here to watch the video. Ever since China’s First Lady had baptised the new tulip “Cathay”, the new variety has become an overnight sensation. China has a high demand for importing the new cultivated Cathay Tulip and the Netherlands sees a rise in a new export product.

Keukenhof press release:

The new Cathay tulip is a strong and colourful flower, that can be grown in a sustainable way. Mr Bart Siemerink, director of Keukenhof, already expresses the wish that this is a symbol for the strong, flourishing, and sustainable bond that China and the Netherlands have.

 If you happen to travel by train along the route Leiden – Amsterdam, you actually have a track view on the bulb fields “bollenstreek” of Lisse, where Keukenhof is located.