MH17 tragedy how did we get here?

A bizarre week with high rising temperatures, a short heatwave colliding with temperaments and horrific event of plane crash MH17.

Nightmarish headlines;Remains of the bodies, crashed parts of the plane, still burning engines – that was the dramatic and gruesome picture that local residents saw when the Malaysian plane crashed in the sky over Donetsk Region in eastern Ukraine.” Source: RT.Com News 

After visiting our elderly ailing mother who’s health has rapidly declined after suffering severe brain stroke and tia’s (transient ischemic attack a.k.a. mini-stroke). She has a hard time accepting her disabilities which add to a depression of being confined in her own mind and body.

Leaving her nursing/convalescent home I find myself in an odd place of juxtaposition, writing two cards with wishes, one celebrating the birth of a newborn and one for condolences were words just fall short to express my feelings. Sadness for the survivors and pain for the loss of loved ones.

Life, love, alive in stark contrasts, in the background live salsa music while I am crying on the inside for lost dreams and stilted conversations. Colleagues, friends and strangers were literally blown out of the sky while flying high above Ukrainian airspace. People beneath suffering there own domestic fights, but that one action had a global impact forever changing lives of more communities than theirs alone.

Tearing up international relations, communications, organisations and families. Words just fall short to phantom a moment, fleeting time and broken relationships unable to connect or to meet again. Futures altered due to an event far away or close to home, memories is all that’s left, casting a shadow of what could have been. Frustration is mounting, a diplomatic disaster is imminent.

The Crimean crisis is no longer a civil dispute nor just a conspiracy theory, facts and evidence clearly incriminate Ukrainian, Russian and separatist rebels for international ramifications but where does that leave the victims of flight MH17 and their mourning families in this senseless tragedy.

MH17 tragedy how did we get here? The worst part is that I just can not shake the gruesome thought enforced after reading this headline; “MH17: For Bankers, Every Crisis and Tragedy is an Opportunity to Manufacture Profits” (source: leaving a creeping feeling along the spine.

For the love of life, is this it what it has come to, the price of a human life or the benefits of a civil war?! My bile is just creeping up at the back of my throat to lash out for justice to these pawns in the dark, but sanctions will hurt populations first not the antagonists.

Let’s hope that an investigation will indeed probe further to bring truth from this hell of lawlessness actions. People with names, faces and lives, Victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, July 19, 2014, The NewYork Times is trying to write up stories behind every passenger and inviting to share recollections.

Victims Flight MH17 – Always remembered ♥