New photo video app

Update adding Flipagram on earlier published post 13th September 2014 changed title – Everlapse photo & video app

Added new app Flipagram, please scroll down to for more information and download links.

Always on the look out for digital applications to create great visual content. I just stumbled upon this Instagram application to engage followers and viewers and share on other social platforms as well. Everlapse a new visual sharing tool with a community released last summer July 2013, the app creates photo collections called clips in a repeating slideshow of 20 images. An iOs app is free downloadable on Itunes App Store.

Android users can only create an Instagram Highlights reel using Everlapse website connecting with your Instagram account. Although its fun to see the result and sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, without the release of an Android app its hard to make other flipbooks or photo albums. This is Asianfoodtrail Everlapse Instagram Highlights reel demo for now, would love to try the other options untill an Android version is released soon.


New Photo Video app

It’s here, Flipagram and available for Android, Appstore and Windows phones! What is Flipagram?

Flipagram ( lets you turn the pictures on your phone into short photo-video stories, set to music you love. Flipagrams are fun to make, easy to share and have as many uses as there are stories to tell. Source: Crunchbase

“These days, you have to strike while the app is hot.” This is the opening sentence in article on the Startup behind Flipagram, which appeared in the WSJ (click link for full review), which is seeking to raise an investment in the tens of millions that could value the Startup as high as roughly $300 million at the beginning early January this year.

I have downloaded the free Anroid version on my Samsung Note 3, with Flipagram I can use my mobile snapshots or even from other services into animated slideshows. You can add music, some less than 30 seconds are free or pay for premium features to download your favorite music or a personalized watermark. While Flipagram is not even a year old, it is a great example how fast mobile apps can amass significant followings.

Here is my photo video highlights of several dishes for #dinnertonight published on 29 September 2014,  Asianfoodtrail_com Instagram account  or another Instagram viewer Enjoygram. These two applications are for webview of Instagram photos taken with your smartphone.

World cup 2014 social media frenzy

The World Cup, which kicked off last Thursday, is expected to be the most social media-intensive event in history. Prior to the world’s soccer event the phrase “World Cup” has outpaced other big sporting events in social media mentions. The term ‘World Cup’ is averaging 500,000 mentions per day.

Worldwide, this year’s World Cup will surpass the Super Bowl and Olympics in total social mentions, according to a study by Adobe Systems. The phrase “World Cup” alone generated 19 million social mentions since June 2013 so far in 196 countries, scoring wider reach than the Super Bowl or Olympics.

Soccer fans, here is a great app Football World Cup Brasil 2014 Center – Brazil Soccer News Schedule Scores and Much More it shows team standings and qualifiers for the World Cup. A free app in order to make use or to be eligible you might have to change your country settings (for both Kindle and Android devices).

Watching FIFA World Cup 2014 soccer games before, during and after tweets using official hashtags #worldcup #brasil2014 #worldcup2014 #cm2014 #brazil2014 and other popular Instagram, Facebook hashtags #copa2014 #fifaworldcup #wc2014 #fifa2014 #wm2014

Twitter has provided lists of every team’s official Twitter account, for the true die-hard’s here’s a how-to follow guide for World Cup fans and hashflags! 


Source credit tweet hashflags:

Social media it really gets me thirsty for….. just click on the bold link for this thirst quenching recipe.

Pineapple Mojito


Pineapple Mojito 4

Preparing for one… turned into a whole jug.


#hashtag Let’s do it #rightnow


What are hashtags?

According to Urban DictionaryIf you have been on Twitter, you may have seen a “hashtag.” To put it simply, a hashtag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation. For example, if you search on #LOST (or #Lost or #lost because it’s not case-sensitive), you’ll get a list of tweets related to the TV show. What you won’t get are tweets that say “I lost my wallet yesterday” because “lost” isn’t preceded by the hashtag.

hash tag is a word or grouped (an unspaced) phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#“). These tagged words, phrases are used on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram) for social networking and appear in sentences or messages as e.g. @Asianfoodtrail #Live #Travel #Food #andmuchmore).

Using the hashtag

Use this symbol “#” makes it easier to filter out messages with the same topic on one specific medium, it does not interchange with other platforms nor does it links to graphics. It is, however, a fun and effective way to highlight topics of daily events and news, aggregating and creating conversations. On Instagram platform it is an absolute must to use #hashtags with a maximum of 30#tags, believe it on average they receive => 3 times as many likes compared to users who only use a few tags instead. Thus proving a very strong correlation between tags and likes.

As a rule of thumb, always search for the “hashtag” you plan on using before you ever use it. You do NOT want to be confronted with a social media disaster to be made painfully aware that a hashtag is hijacked or harmful. Above all avoid overusing the “#” in all your social media messages as made very clear in the video of Tonight Show “#Hashtag” episode with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake.

#hashtag correctly

Achieve better results with social media by following hashtag etiquette, has published an overview titled “Etiquette” with a summary of how-to articles explaining hashtags and use in social networking and platforms. Andrew Harasewych owner of Socialize Me has written a “Hashtag how-to guide with infographics“, how to simply remember this guide, be prepared, and #hashtag with confidence. #HaveFun 🙂

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