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Green Smoothie formula Infographic

Stumbled upon by coincidence sharing this article with Green Smoothie guidelines, straightforward information combined with a great infographic as a rule of thumb to keep you focused and on track. If you make homemade soy, almonds, rice milk this is a great way to combine and benefit from all nutrients. Personally I like the coconut water tip, never thought of using instead of water and I happen to have the cans as a staple in my pantry as well but first.

Start With the Right Formula

Follow the 60/40 rule. You want about 60% fruits and 40% greens. You don’t need to add beets, beans, or carrots or anything like that because starchy vegetables combine poorly with fruit and may produce unwanted gas. So just stick to leafy lettuce-type greens and a variety of fruits.

Green smoothies work well because they pack a variety of rich nutrients into an easy to consume package. The key to an effective green smoothie is fibre. Whole fruits contain more fibre so make sure you always use fruit instead of fruit juice. Fibre helps slow the digestive process and guarantee that nutrients are absorbed. Be sure to rotate what you put in your smoothie. You can get too much of a good thing! 

Click on the infographic for a full view and article link here “The Only Green Smoothie Formula You’ll Ever Need”.


Green Smoothie