Motivation Monday put action into reality

Pay it Forward!! That’s my motto to start the week; I Care and I Love to Share.

Igniting #motivationmonday, sharing what moves my juice, what drives my passion and what puts my actions into reality. How about you? I invite and dare you to share your daily quote, motivational thought into action. Paying it forward, sharing action into reality.

By Paying it Forward we all can make a difference with ease without hard labour or over thinking thoughts, simple random acts of kindness can brighten up someone’s day or motivate into action. Keep following steps in mind;

  1. Be attentive opportunities are everywhere, look around and notice what surrounds you.
  2. Random act of kindness doesn’t hurt anyone and goes a long way.
  3. Spread the word; “Sharing is Caring”.
  4. Multiply a good deed, practice the act of kindness by doubling, tripling or quadrupling an action or effort.

What I like and recommend for this #mondaymotivation is Suspended Coffee.  Suspended coffees www.suspendedcoffees.com is a cup of coffee paid for in advance by a willing coffee shop customer as an anonymous act of charity for anyone who is in need and with less fortune.

The idea originated in Naples, Italy around 100 years ago. Customers of coffee shops would pay twice for one espresso, instructing the barista to log the paid but untaken beverage in an “in suspense” chart (caffè pagato or a caffè sospeso). The barista would record what the patron paid for, such as an espresso, cappuccino or even a pastry. Paid items would remain in the log book until someone less fortunate would come and inquire if there was anything paid for or in suspense. The barista would check the log and say: “Yes, there is a paid cappuccino. May I serve it to you?” The beauty of this form of charity was multifaceted.