Heritage at Pattaya Floating Market (2)

The existence of floating markets in the old days throughout Thailand life was centred on the river, canals and people lived at the banks, so merchants with their products in small boats came floating to their customers. The whole idea of recreating this floating market is an initiative to bring the four areas of Thailand together, displaying their traditional culture and produce. The heritage buildings are built as a representation according to the various styles of homes in the North, East, South and West of Thailand.Entrance is free, you can just wander around the shops and eat. That is actually the best part, sampling food items without too much travelling and if that makes you tired you can take a relaxing foot- or Thai body massage or just sit at the many benches to relax.

Entrance is free, you can just wander around the shops and eat. That is actually the best part, sampling food items without too much travelling and if that makes you tired you can take a relaxing foot- or Thai body massage or just sit at the many benches to relax.

While visiting bus loads of tourists were being dropped straight from Bangkok or coming from Pattaya centre, the whole park is largely setup functioning as an escape from the congested cities. We were better off than the tourist group excursions their visit was timed, with intervals regular announcements filled the air calling the visitors to rush back into the bus for the next attraction.

We spontaneously decided to extend our visit, enjoyed a fantastic lunch and due to the rain we willingly seated ourselves in the reclining chairs for a foot-massage closing our eyes comfortably swaying slightly due to the waves of the lake and boats.

Actually, I would dare to say that it’s much more fun to visit the Floating Market at South Pattaya than the Damneun Saduak in Bangkok, which receives much criticism these days due to the dilapidated state it is in now. Which is why the tourist buses are heading this way to get a glimpse of Thailand heritage.

Click on the official Thai webpage Pattaya floating market for information. Open daily from 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Floating Market new attraction south of Pattay (1)

Most probably you have heard of Pattaya being mentioned as a night-life City, well that was true in the past. If you are willing to pass the label there’s more to discover, in fact, there are actually sightseeing places and activities absolutely worth the visit which will capture and hold your attention. In an earlier post about Dongtan and Nongmaii Beach Pattaya, I had made reference to Pattaya’s administration working hard on a better image and it’s best to promote the City as a family destination.

One of the projects we basically have watched being built from a distance, an artificial lake just south of Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road. This has now become one of the largest attraction is known as Pattaya Floating Market. Since its opening, two years earlier we actually entered the premises for the first time bringing guests along. According to our local friends the buildings have weathered down due to monsoons, humidity and being fully operational it has acquired now an even more authentic look. As for our company as first timers, they liked the introduction very much as genuine with traditional and cultural shows, products, boats and all other shops with wares and fares on display for sale.

For a glimpse, just click on the images for a larger view and if it draws your attention to read and see more click on the link “Heritage at Pattaya Floating Market“.

Thai Noodle soup, Guay Tiew Gai

Update 19th January 2015 – New blog link 100 best Thai dishes to eat in Bangkok. Scroll down for post link information or click in our Favorite Links bar, to enter main website . 

In our company travelling with us are friends with love for good food visiting Thailand for the first time. Their very first Thai meal was at our home, followed by many more dinners enjoying wide range of flavors of southeast Asian dishes. Between drinks and meals we shared a lot about Thailand`s culture, food, sights and places.

Fresh herbs accompaniments for Noodle Soups

However even the best pictures, writings or talks will never be as a firsthand encounter being submerged in natural  habitat. Curious and excited they have taken a leap by joining us not taking the beaten track but following our trails along hawker stalls. ★Big Smile★ Sit with Thai, do as Thai and eat as Thai.

First food trail dish, popular hawker stall street food selling Thai Noodle soup ‘Guay Tiew Gai’ big bowl with flat-rice stick noodle in chicken broth with fragrant fresh herbs. Always accompanied with Thai traditional seasoning’s of fresh chillies in vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, dried chilli flakes, adding to your liking. As soon as I am back from travelling I will add my recipe to this post as it is a dish on our family favourite comfort food list.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup clear broth

Just stumbled upon Mark Wiens 100 Thai soups and dishes blog post featuring beautiful food images including a description with phonetic dish names and in Thai script (which is perfect, the danger of phonetic translations it isn’t always correct or clearly pronounced). Going through his list made me very happy seeing listings of my favorites dishes too, if far and away than looking will bring back fond memories of places and eateries. Even better it makes me plan to make a few dishes Mark has so perfectly delectable captured with his camera’s eye and love for food.