Back-up and full on A-live

Months have past since my last blog entry, while amidst all planning what to do next, sad news came around the corner which made me halt and reflect on my life. News, images, stories it all came along my minds eye at odd moments, randomly thoughts thinking it were just moments in reality it had taken much longer as in weeks of not being very productive on my time-line. It finally turned around after cleaning out a large storage cramped with stuff of a decade ago, while throwing out almost everything we only kept heirlooms and memorabilia of a family business long gone. Taking charge we finally have a large space free of junk and  it feels good, the next is actually our shed but that’s at another time.

Finally having the luxury to avoid school breaks, we combined work with vacation to fly off to Thailand next week accompanied by curious friends and family to meet former colleagues who have chosen Thailand as their retirement home thus becoming locals. The creative buzz of travel, working on new projects with trial and errors is always challenging but never boring. While initially preparing to get a website live in native Dutch, finalizing proof-read e-cookbook, in between cooking up a storm before it gets buried underneath new fun’s, want’s and on-the-road goodies.

We turned everything upside down by choosing a new template multi-language encouraged by my social media followers to reach out and me not ending up translating by individual request as I did previously. So English to start of in combination with handy apps to post live while on-the-road. Working on new discoveries, transferring information, geeky gadget tips and musings with something to munch, share and hopefully enjoy reading all together.

Sharing tips and information comes natural to me with a huge passion for diverse communities and people, immensely enjoy networking. The hobby got a bit out of hand and now it’s work but fun work, bringing me to new places, following trends and great finds.

Taking charge being back up, having everything ready and good to go Asianfoodtrail website with content growing a-live. Started typing this post on the fly on a new editor app thinking it would load-up directly, that was the whole idea of being mobile and connect whenever, wherever. Well the last part as in wherever is promising but the whenever as in wireless connected and functionality hopefully earns its worth soon and fast.