Train track, between Leiden – Amsterdam

It never is boring to travel by train especially when you can watch daily vibrant colors passing, during Spring time next to the train track between Leiden and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. While not a daily commuter, there hasn’t been a year gone by that I or many others will take a snapshot and forward it using their smartphone to share or post on a social media platform.

Of course, nothing changes since these bulb fields are there like forever, however upon seeing these colorful flowers starting to bloom everybody knows Spring has begun. It also signifies that Keukenhof has opened its doors for the public attracting busloads of tourists, the Garden of Europe, its fields lying along the train track. This train track scenery shows touristic Holland in a nutshell with the bulb fields, pasture, windmills and waterways.

The photos were taken on the train while travelling back home from Amsterdam to Leiden, you can scroll down or watch the featured photos in the slider here above in the gallery. One of the images shows a common dwelling Dutch houseboats or barge often to be seen along many rivers and canals. Many tourists or adventurers looking at these vessels can not help themselves but just wonder, just if or how’s “living on a Dutch barge” will be.

Why not undertake something adventurous and different by planning your next city trip, rent a Dutch private houseboat in Amsterdam. You don’t need to take a leap but satisfy your curiosity and search for possibilities click on the previous link and here to find out more and who knows where you might end up next.

Train track View

Tulip flower bulb fields.jpg

Tulip flowers bulb fields

Dutch houseboat or barges.jpg

Dutch houseboat or barges along the many rivers and canals in The Netherlands

White flower bulbs galore.jpg

White flower bulbs galore

flower bulb fields red and yellow.jpg

flower bulb fields red and yellow

water ways between flower bulb fields.jpg

Many waterways between the flower bulb fields

vibrant yellow flower landscape.jpg

Vibrant yellow flower landscape

moving on to the next field.jpg

Rapidly changing from one colour moving on to the next field

Tulip field cultivation with new bulbs.jpg

Preparing a new field to sow with a new tulip colour

Train view between the tulip bulb fields.jpg

A view between the fields with small communities

Train track view with water, land, houses and windmills.jpg

Passing by Dutch waters, land, houses and windmills

Variously changing landscape of fields and housing jpg

Train track rotational sight of fields and more fields

country view peek along the train track.jpg

a quick country view peek

Keukenhof 2014 has reached a new record with a total of 1 million visitors and a new tulip named “Cathay” was baptized by Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese president Xi Jinping before Xi takes part in the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. Overnight the Cathay Tulip bulbs demand soared for delivery with new export orders to China. China now boasts its own flower park modelled after Keukenhof, for the Dutch flower industry a booming export business.

Traveltip Chinatowns in The Netherlands

Lonely Planet published in travel tips and articles category, some of the World’s best Chinatowns. The Netherlands most famous Chinatown is located in the former Red Light district of capital city Amsterdam, a major tourist attraction for decades. Amsterdam is also featured in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel: Top Ten Cities.

If your making plans to book a holiday to Europe, come and visit have a glance at what the City offers in promising upcoming cultural events and more. Click this link of “I Amsterdam” and download the Amsterdam 2013 Newsletter for news and Programme highlights.

Amsterdam renowned for its creativity and innovation – photo copyright ©IAmsterdam

Important events to watch:
People and their historic houses tells us more about their culture, this theme will be central to the World Interiors Event 2013 “Past, Present and Future of Interiors”

While here visit Den Haag, Chinatown in The Hague take a peek at this album of Chinatown Den Haag website. It has followed the example of Chinatown London with a Chinese Gate. A significant entrance of Chinatown connecting directly with The Hague City Centre shopping area and historical sights for leisurely strolls. It has many events during the week and weekends to visit and engage, lots of top attractions, landmarks and tours. I recommend to sign up for the guided tour at famously Binnenhof where the Dutch Prime-Minister resides in the turret at the corner of the Hofvijver. For a concise overview of sightseeing highlights read the info on the holland-hotel link.

Renowned port of Rotterdam saw its first Chinatown located in Katendrecht which in local slang was called “de Kaap“. An initiative instigated by the celebration of the 100-year presence of Chinese in Dutch society saw Erika Blikman and Yuen Han Lam teaming up. Together they brought a young group of enthusiast designers, artist and cultural professionals together, with the ambition in 2011 starting  China op de Kaap (website is only Dutch yet, but gives a clear view featuring an ongoing program). The project received overwhelming enthusiasm and support, de Kaap now represents an eclectic mix of arts and heritage of Chinese community set up by first immigrants arriving in this neighbourhood.

De Westkruiskade is located in Rotterdam city centre and conveniently near Central Station, due to the neglect of city planning in the past Katendrecht saw most of its proprietors move out due to loss of business customers and visitors. New entrepreneurs started their business closer to the city with a new Chinatown named Kruiskade, however it is delusive next to Chinese this neighbourhood also includes Dutch, Antillian, Suriname and African residents with many Oriental shops, restaurants and supermarkets catering to multi-cultural shoppers and attracting visitors on City day-trips.

Enjoy great Chinese and other Asian cuisines in Chinatowns explore Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Discover these Cities and have a great time with their offerings!

Note: Featured image source Chinatown Den Haag copyright ©