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I’ve tried making soda bread before but couldn’t get a nice end result, so I browsed around on the internet and the best tip I read with recipe was shared on a sub group befittingly named Soda bread – The Art of Bread Google+ communities. The recipe is shared from Food52 here is the link to Peggy’s authentic Irish Soda bread with raisins, the only thing I changed was adding 1 cup of raisins instead of 1½ cup but that’s per every baker’s taste.

Without a doubt this recipe is a keeper, although I had to adjust the baking time due to my oven. The secret is simple, used the members advice from the soda bread group “do not over knead” to heart. I slightly stirred and gently round shaped it in glass baking dish. It worked;-)! Had guests coming over, served it fresh from the oven with real butter but everyone enjoyed the smell and texture as it was served. Make my day (morning!)!! Assembling and just bringing it together 15 min, in a pre-heated oven 45min, my older combi-oven took a bit longer 55-60min, all-in-all you’ll have fresh baked bread within a hour 😉