Avocado Chia seeds healthy breakfast


Due to its shape and leathery skin, did you know that another name for Avocado is Alligator’s pear? What’s in a name right? ūüôā

A biologist calls¬†it¬†persea americana, but¬†avocado¬†derives from the¬†Nahuatl¬†word¬†ahuacatl, which also refers to a certain part of the male anatomy that the fruit somewhat resembles. In English, the word has almost the same pronunciation as the Spanish¬†abogado, ‚Äúlawyer.‚Ä̬†In Mexico it is called the¬†aguacate.¬†Use your imagination to understand why the Aztecs called it the¬†fertility¬†fruit. Legend has it that an early¬†English description of ‚Äúavocado‚ÄĚ called it the ‚Äúavogado pear,‚ÄĚ leading to the misunderstanding of ‚Äúalligator pear.‚ÄĚ ¬†The fact that the shell of the fruit looks vaguely¬†crocodilian doesn‚Äôt hurt. (source:

Avocado, healthy low in cholesterol and sodium

Avocado, healthy low in cholesterol and sodium

A fruit native to Mexico and Central America, much eaten as a vegetable and the main ingredient to make famous guacamole dip with tortilla chips. With great benefits to this mighty fruit, a serving size of 150 gram has 240 calories, very low in cholesterol and sodium. Rich source of Dietary Fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Folate. Supports cardiovascular health, promotes blood sugar regulation and has anti-cancer benefits. It is no wonder why Avocado is considered among the World’s healthiest foods.

Chia Seeds

Another health food native to the same region is Chia Seeds (the seeds come from a flowering plaint in the mint family) an important crop and super food for the Aztec’s it was largely unknown in North America until researcher Wayne Coates began studying Chia 29-years ago.¬†Chia is the highest currently known plant source of¬†omega-3 ALA, which is able to convert into both EPA and DHA. Rich in anti-inflammatory activity,¬†has a huge nutritional profile. It contains calcium, manganese, and phosphorus as an added benefit, chia seeds can be eaten whole or milled. Or making a gel by adding liquid for instant pudding or as an egg or butter substitute.¬†

Avocado Chia seeds mash healthy breakfast

Avocados are regular ingredients in our fruit basket, last week there was a health products promotion at the discount chain store Action for Chia seeds and I bought two packages to add them to our diet. Half way through a hectic week, I needed a healthy boost so I came up with this preparation an Avocado and Chia seeds mash. A healthy breakfast alternative recipe, spiced up with a bit of SiChuan pepper powder and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes on toasted Corn bread. Perhaps you could use a #transformationthursday superbooster too with all these ingredients loading up energy, watch out Friday!

Avocado Chia Seeds Healthy breakfast

Avocado Chia Seeds Healthy breakfast