Seafood Salad Recipe with 4 dressings

Fish and Seafood are healthy choices, and it is low-fat, high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. “The good omega-3 fatty acids have shown to reduce triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation, read more in Seafood and fish healthy benefits.

Preparing a seafood salad, buy fresh from the market or use frozen seafood mix, I often stock a bag in the freezer. Add the quantity into a colander hold it under the water tap to remove the layer of ice.

Put a pan on the stove bring water to near boil and flash through the frozen seafood. Remove seafood quickly with a sieve and transfer to a bowl filled with ice cubes. If you bought fresh fillets and choice of seafood shells, poach the fish and shellfish for more flavour. Bonus, the remaining liquid has turned into rich aromatic fish taste broth.



Seafood Salad

How to poach fish and seafood in an aromatic broth called court-bouillon, a traditional way to enhance flavour. The Seafood Salad recipe and dressing variations are right here below.

  1. The poaching liquid is easy to make within 30 minutes. Using ingredients; sea salt, onion, carrot, bay leaf, parsley with lemon or vinegar. (The use of acidity is to help to retain the colour of salmon and turns shellfish in a bright red colour (lobster, crab). Milk helps with white fish fillets.
  2. Add some spices peppercorns, cloves or give it an Asian twist use ginger, galangal, Lemon Grass, etc.
  3. Bring liquid with aromatics to a boil let it steep after 30 minutes remove all the aromatics.
  4. Bring the liquid back to near boil, watch bubbles break through the surface. Add pieces of fish and shellfish carefully into the water.

Seafood Salad Recipe Asianfoodtrail

Cooking time

  1. Cook for the right moment;
    1. small shrimps only need 15 sec,
    2. squid just 1-minute
    3. for all shellfish approx. 3-5 minutes (or shell opens)
    4. Fish fillets between 3 – 10 minutes, this depends on thickness and type of fish. Watch the fish fillets change colour and start to get flaky.
  2. Note: for whiter and creamier flavour use milk to poach in the fish fillets with aromatics.
    1. Pour milk in a pan, just to cover the pieces of fish fillets barely.
  3. Remove quickly with a sieve, to cool transfer immediately in an ice-water bath to stop cooking process and cool down immediately.

For Instant Pot users: cooking time table for fish and seafood.

Poaching liquid

  1. If you are preparing a cold fish dish, remove the pan from the burner leave it to cool down in the poaching liquid for more flavour.
    1. This step slows the cooking pace down. Watch the time and the target temperature carefully.
  2. At the end of poaching all fish and seafood ingredients, you will have an excellent intensified liquid leftover. Keep the broth by straining through a sieve in containers or freeze in cubes.
  3.  Store the poaching liquid in the fridge use it within 24 hours for best flavour. Store in the freezer, it will keep for 2-3 months.
  4. Or use a high-pressure canner to store poaching liquid as broth in glass jars. I use a 24-quart Presto canner.

 Various dressing style

Seafood Salad fresh ingredients, I love various dressings to fit my mood and appetite or to go along with my menu theme.

Italian/Mediterranean Insalata Frutti di Mare simple dressing is one of my favourites. Add parsley with two tbs of lemon juice with 80 ml (1/3 cup) of light olive oil, 1-2 cloves of garlic finely minced, pepper and salt. Taste for acidity level and add if needed a little bit of vinegar. Garnish with parsley leaves or chopped onion on top. Optional: add 1 Tsp of dijon mustard for vinaigrette dressing

Thai-style dressing, in Thailand this dressing is often combined with grilled squid and fish. Start with 4 tbsp lime juice, 4 tbsp fish sauce. Add 4 tbs palm sugar or 1 tbsp liquid sweetener ( no stevia!). Followed by 2-4 cloves minced garlic, 2-3 tbsp finely chopped coriander. For moderate heat add 1 pod chilli deseeded, chopped or sliced finely. Like Thai-style hot add in finely 1-2 chopped bird’s eye chilli’s). Add 2 tbsp of filtered water and mix everything together. Taste and add a little more water if needed. Garnish with fresh mint and coriander leaves to finish. Optional: no fresh chilli at hand use 1 tsp sriracha sauce.

Japanese Wafu-style dressing, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 4 tbsp Japanese rice vinegar, 6 tbsp oil (do not use olive oil), 1 tsp fine caster sugar (1-2 drops liquid sweetener). Optional: add finely grated onion with daikon. Garnish with roasted sesame seeds on top.

For other reads and recipes: Thai noodle soup | Red Curry Mussels | Chinese stock methods and variations

Seafood and fish benefits a healthy diet

Welcomed by a blazing sun on Sunday it ignited planning a trip to the beach. We never passed beyond that first thought. Absentmindedly sweeping up our backyard and trimming by pulling and snipping into the wiry Ivy. We ended up stripping down almost twenty years of Ivy growth against the garden wall.

After hours of manual labour, pulling and cutting the Ivy stalks we managed to get rid the Bush. Simple trimming turned out to be a heck of a job.



Going to the seaside was not an option anymore nearing the end of the day. Instead, we had a seafood salad mix as part of a healthy Keto (Paleo or LCHF) diet. Eating fish and seafood happens to be perfect with weight loss plan too.

Seafood and Fish

We like to eat and prepare the fish whole from head to tail, fish types e.g. red snapper, mackerel, sardine, red mullet, sea bream, and more. Or sample fresh seafood like cuttlefish, clams, mussels, prawns, scallops and oysters.

You might have guessed, Fruits du Mer or Seafood platter is one of my favourite dishes. The presentation combined with flavour, texture it will take more time in advance for preparation.

Instead, it is easier to have a salad with fresh, canned and frozen items for a quick formed meal. Eating more seafood and fish in our weekly meal plan are healthy choices, in fact, it is low-fat, high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The good omega-3 fatty acids have shown to reduce triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation. I have been reading on the benefits for a healthy diet due to reversing diabetes Type 2 while following Keto diet with very good results.

Here a short overview why having more fish and seafood benefits a healthy diet in our body and brain. The recipe description for Seafood Salad Mix with extra dressings and cooking notes are here with other recipe suggestions right after the resource listings here down below.

Seafood and fish benefits a healthy diet

  • Lower blood triglycerides (cholesterol)
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • May improve symptoms of inflammation, arthritis and psoriasis

Seafood nutritional value

Seafood and fish nutritional value

  • Many varieties of seafood are low cholesterol and sodium
  • Rich source of protein, minerals and vitamins
  • Low-calorie source of essential nutrients
  • Polyunsaturated fats lower LDL, triglycerides, boost cholesterol profile
Resources and facts

Seafood nutritional value

What’s not to love with healthy and tasty seafood dishes. Any style goes throughout the year. For dinner tonight a seafood salad mix is just perfect.

For other Salads, click on Thai beef salad | Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad  | Seafood Salad Mix Recipe

Calendar events:

Seafood and fish benefits a healthy diet. Mention and share a fish event near you with us. We will add it to the list or perhaps even drop by :-).

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BBQ saus kippenvleugels recept Instant Pot

Kippenvleugels, kipkluifjes en drumsticks zijn populaire kipdelen in elke wereldkeuken. Wat je er al niet mee kan bereiden met zo veel kruidenmengsels en marinade mixen als keuzes. Het is snel en makkelijk klaar te maken en leent zich werkelijk voor elk menu onderdeel; snack, tussendoortje , voorgerecht, bijgerecht of als hoofdgerecht.

Je raakt nooit uitgegeten of verveeld met de talloze bereidingswijzes en met behulp van allerlei simpele of flitsende kookgereedschappen. We beginnen dan ook maar net het vuur op te stoken voor diverse gerechten. Ik had eerder al Kippenvleugels in een soja-chili marinade (Engelstalig) post gedeeld, die bereidt je gewoon op het fornuis.

BBQ saus kippenvleugels recept wordt in de Instant Pot Duo voorbereid met de hogedruk kookfunctie. Na de bereiding kun je er voor kiezen om het gelijk op de barbeque of in de oven grill af te maken voor een krokante vel en een mooi gouden kleur. Ik vind een krokante vel en lichtelijk geblakkerd wel lekker, maar niet zover door als “blackened fish/chicken”die je bij de Cajun-keuken kan verwachten.


In die keuken is de ‘heilige drie-eenheid’ van belang maar dat bewaar ik voor bij mijn favoriete jambalaya en gumbo binnenkort, hier is alvast een voorproefje van Zwarte Bonen recept (Engelstalig) om alvast op te warmen. OK, terug naar de vleugels.

BBQ saus Kippenvleugels recept Instant Pot


BBQ saus kippenvleugels

2 kg hele kippenvleugels (bestaat uit vleugeltip, middenvleugel en vleugelstick) Je kan het ook variëren met 1 kg drumsticks of kippenbouten in 3 delen gehakt.

Optioneel: 1-2 tl gedroogde chilipepers vlokken en/of Cayennepeper. Of verse Spaanse peper, verwijder de zaadlijsten en snijd in reepjes. Gebruik in dit recept geen scherpe pepers zoals Madame Jeanette of Bird’s eye chillies deze zijn te scherp en overheersend.

Voor een beetje pit had ik nu een mix van 1 tl Chili vlokken en Cayenne peper poeder met elkaar gemengd en toegevoegd. Vaak wissel ik af met o.a Sambal Badjak, Thai Siracha saus of Piri Piri kruiden mix Portugees of Afrikaanse versie. Daarmee proeft het net elke keer iets anders terwijl je dezelfde bereidingswijze toepast.

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Kook notities

Tips voor Keto, LCHF, Paleo en T2D (type 2 diabetes)

  • Kookliefhebbers kunnen hun eigen suikervrije BBQ-saus maken of kies een goed suikervrij merk zoals bijvoorbeeld in de aanbevelingen hieronder.
  • Voor gebruik in o.a. mijn smoothies of het bakken daarvoor heb ik o.a. erythritol, inulin, Stevia, dadelpasta en Chinese Lo Han Guo als zoetmiddel.
  • Een van mijn favoriete opties die ik nu vaak gebruik is o.a. Lakanto monk fruit suiker het bevat 0 calorieën, heeft een geweldige zoete smaak zonder de lichte bittere nasmaak zoals bij Stevia. Er is ook een Lakanto suikervrij Maple siroop die honing en siroop in recepten kan vervangen zonder enig smaak verlies.
  • Voor het bereiden van sticky BBQ chicken wings kun je deze suikervrij optie gebruiken i.p.v. de calorierijke suikers.
  • Hoofdingrediënt van Lakanto bestaat uit Luo Han Guo, een andere Engelse gebruikte term is “Monk fruit sugar”. Het is kenmerkend vanwege laag calorie en laag glycaemic gehalte als voedsel ingrediënt daarbij 300x zoeter dan gewone suiker.

Luo Han Guo, monkfruit komt oorspronkelijk uit zuid China. In TCM, Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde is het al eeuwenland een traditioneel medicijn wat toegepast wordt met name voor behandeling van obesitas en diabetes.

Het wordt gebruikt bij bereiding van Chinese medicinale of gewone thee en het koken. Mijn familie gebruikt het maar had hiervoor niet gerealiseerd een verborgen agent te hebben als een gezondheidshulpmiddel. Dat de bijzonder gezonde werking hiervan totaal niet bekend is bij Nederlandse diabetespatiënten en overige consumenten die op hun gezondheid moeten letten.

Sinds het volgen van Keto diet ben ik hier meer bewuster van geworden. Luo Han Guo tea en poedervorm is behalve online eveneens verkrijgbaar bij Aziatische en Chinese supermarkten en Chinese kruidenwinkels.


1. BBQ wings Instant Pot dinner tonight 2. Recipe in English


Sticky BBQ chicken wings recipe for Instant Pot

My cooking notes:

  • 1/4 cup=4 tablespoons, 0.25 ml or 56.5 grammes
  • Multi cooker model here is Instant Pot DUO 7-1.
  • The Instant Pot cooks a quarter, half or full pot with the whole wings, drumsticks, turkey drumsticks. The cooking time will be the same.
  • Use to make homemade marinades and seasoning rubs, but these are my favourite ready-made spices; McCormick Smokehouse Maple and Montreal steak seasoning.
  • BBQ charcoal smokiness comes straight from the BBQ grill or smoker. I use liquid smoke to recreate this by adding it to the cooking liquid in the pot.
  • Sweetness is added by using palm sugar or substitute with brown sugar or a combination of sugar and honey (2+2 tbs).
  • 2 lbs chicken wings (frozen or thawed) I used a combination of 1 kg chicken wings (wingtips with drumettes attached) plus 1 kg chopped Chicken legs (in 3 pieces).
  • For a little bit of heat, I added a blend of 1 teaspoon crushed cayenne pepper and 1 tsp crushed chilli peppers.

Change the flavours by alternating between Thai Siracha sauce, (Indonesian Sambal paste), Sambal Badjak. A bit closer to home opt for Portuguese/African Piri Piri spice blend 1-2 tbs. My dinner guests will ultimately inspire the level of heat and spiciness.


Sticky BBQ chicken wings recipe for Instant Pot

Tips for Keto, LCHF, Paleo and T2D (type 2 diabetes)
  • Make your own sugar-free bbq sauce or order online a good brand as in the recommendation ads here below.
  • For my smoothies and baked goods, I use erythritol, inulin, stevia and Chinese Lo Han Guo as sweeteners.
  • Favourite sugar-free option I recommend Lakanto monk fruit sugar it has 0 calories. Great sweet taste no off flavours as with stevia. You also can use Lakanto sugar-free maple syrup instead of honey.
  • For sticky BBQ chicken wings use this sugar-free option to substitute for using high-calorie sugars.
  • Luo Han Guo is a low-caloric, low-glycemic food used as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food.

Using this sweetener in Chinese herbal teas and cooking I am familiar with the level of sweetness. It never occurred to me how beneficial the health benefits are having a hidden agent as a health aid.

Luo Han Guo, monk fruit is native to southern China. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it is been used as a traditional medicine to treat obesity and diabetes.

Luo Han Guo is a low-caloric, low-glycemic food used as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food extremely sweet (about 300 times as sweet as sugar). You can purchase this online or purchase Lo Han Guo tea and powder at Asian and Chinese supermarkets and Chinese herbal shops.


Lakanto monk fruit

FAQ Lakanto sugar-free 0 calories 100% sweet taste from Lo Han Guo aka monk fruit

1# BBQ wings Instant Pot dinner tonight

2# BBQ saus kippenvleugels recept Instant Pot


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Komkommers in mosterdsaus relish

Komkommers in mosterdsaus, een relish gebaseerd op een recept uit een Amerikaans boek met de titel “Pickles & Relishes“. Een nieuwe herziene en actuele versie is nu ook in Nederland te bestellen door de link hierboven aan te klikken. Ik kreeg het boek jaren geleden te leen van een vriendin om de recepten te lezen. Inmiddels meerdere inmaakboeken verder denk ik er nog steeds met plezier eraan terug, kan het van harte aan bevelen.

Via dit boek heb ik kennis gemaakt met Andrea Chesman, een zeer productieve Amerikaanse schrijfster over alles wat met eten heeft te maken. Behalve schrijven redigeert zij ook andere kookboeken en heeft daardoor geweldige kennis en inzicht over de Amerikaanse keuken. Zij heeft meerdere succesvolle boeken en bekroonde titels op haar naam staan met veel informatie en lekkere recepten erin, daar maak ik binnenkort een overzichtslijst van.

Dit Engelstalige boek bevat 150 snelle en gemakkelijke recepten om mooie oogstopbrengsten in heerlijke augurken en relishes te verwerken, met behulp van weinig of geen zout. Alle hierin beschreven technieken voldoen aan de huidige USDA-richtlijnen, de Amerikaanse afdeling van Landbouw. USDA voedsel- en waren autoriteit is dé bron voor recentelijk onderzoek gebaseerde aanbevelingen voor de meest gebruikte methoden van het thuis inmaken (bewaren) van voedsel. In 2015 hebben zij een handleiding uitgebracht voor het thuis preserveren van voedsel; The Complete Guide to Home Canning.

Hieronder boeken promotie, waarvan ik twee engelstalige digitale titels in mijn kookboeken collectie heb staan. Ik ben zeer enthousiast over Asian Pickles het is een verzameling van zuid-oost Aziatische recepten, lekker bij-gerechten en plekken die ook bezocht zijn met bijbehorende leuke herinneringen. Meest verrassende in deze reeks is Kansha een Japanse vegan/vegatarische kookboek, waar de basis diepgeworteld is vanuit de boedhistische filosofie en dagelijkse levensstijl. Waar het behoud van natuurlijke bronnen, het tegen gaan van verspilling met daarbij het waarborgen van de hoogstmogelijke voedingswaarde te behouden. De gerechten worden in alle eenvoud als stil levens op een palet in kleine serveerschalen of kommen gepresenteerd. Eten verheven tot kunst zonder te vergeten dat de honger gestild moet worden.

Deze post bevat affiliate & links, mocht je het product net als ik interessant vinden en tot koop overgaan dan krijg ik daar een bepaald percentage van. Je steunt mij en mijn blog website wanneer via mijn affiliate link een aankoop plaatsvindt. Voor meer informatie lees mijn disclaimer.

Chinese style braised oxtail bones – recipe

Chinese style braised oxtail bones are served as a topping on rice or served separately in a wide bowl. Vegetables as carrots and cassava are added making this dish a hearty and flavoursome nutritious dish. Paleo fans will enjoy its warming earthiness as much without any gluten ingredients. Interchanging between a variety of bean sauces (Chinese fermented soybean sauces), chilli paste and spices will allow you to play with an aroma to your own liking. Or be adventurous and choose to cook from other south-east Asian cuisines enjoying the different flavour, texture with salivating fragrances.

Serve in a bowl by itself with rice or noodles on the side, or topped above as a one-dish meal for lunch or dinner. As a main dish, if preparing a menu for more persons, I would suggest adding a vegetable- and doufu dish with a light soup to complement each other. The Chinese style braised oxtail bones will be the focus for your guests at the table. For the recipe scroll here below, click here for Chinese braised oxtail in Instant Pot information and photo images.

Difference between braise, stews and soup – Update 21 December 2015

I received engaging comments with the questions, how much liquid to add. Followed by the difference between braising and stews. In answer to my readers,  I am updating the post with the replied information on the method of cooking techniques used for tougher cuts of meat.

To start with the liquid in any recipe, it focuses on the right volume to add, water, stock or broth. Next, the cut size of the meat (small cubes) and cutting against the grain means cutting crosswise through the long muscle fibres in the meat. Breaking them up makes meat more tender.

Often used cuts are the less tender and gelatinous parts of meat for slow cooking as well as the use of accompanying vegetables in the dish. In order to fuse all the ingredients together to melt into a tender and flavoursome dish, is by breaking down the connective tissue as tendons (collagen) just simmering it slowly using the right low temperature.

Braising and stewing cooking technique are combination cooking methods using the hob and/or oven.

  • Braising is cooking meat on a bed of vegetables in a small amount of liquid, utilising steam and stewing in its cooking process. At the end of the cooking process, the meat often falls off the bone and the concentrated gravy is clinging to the pieces of meat.
  • Stewing is a slow cook method, where the food is cut into smaller pieces and covered in liquid using gentle heat for a long time. Here the meat is fork tender and the liquid is reduced covering the meat pieces in an aromatic thick sauce.

Cooking with high pressure is perfect it doesn’t require a whole lot of liquid, making it perfect for braised dishes in my Instant Pot DUO 7-1 I use or Lux 6-1 (version without yoghurt option). In comparison with my stove high-pressure cooker, where you have to manually set the timer and keep an eye on it still. The IP has automated meat/stew 30 minutes program you just press and walk away, at the end of time cancel the keep warm function so the natural pressure release can come down a bit faster (approx. 30-45 min.).

For a braised result, I submerge the meat by adding water or stock just barely covering it exposing some of the bones and meat. If you would opt for only (e.g. 50%) using half of water or stock to add, be aware that the gravy will reduce significantly as well. Tip: Keep in mind if this dish is completely cooled the gravy of the bones will be very gelatinous (jiggly as jelly). Meat jelly is another Chinese delicacy served eating it cold as homecooked food and can be creatively used in appetisers or bun fillings for example.

If I like to make a stew instead, I will submerge the ingredients covering it to ½-1 inch (1 ½ – 3 cm) above with liquid or more if it calls for a soupy consistency.


Drink suggestions:

  • Tea leaves: Green tea or Jasmine tea is very common, but Pu Erh tea has an earthy smokiness which is very pleasant with an added bonus it really cuts the fat down in your body.
  • For the beer fans: You will enjoy this dish with a light beer, a darker beer, even more, tasteful. In The Netherlands seasonal draft beer or bottled bock beer would be nice to pair along, it has richer, sweeter lager with warm toasty undertones and minimal bitterness. More information on Beleef bockbier 2015, with an overview of 125 different bock beers in The Netherlands. Besides Guinness Stout beer or a Kilkenny, share yours.
  • As for wine lovers: A red Bordeaux is an easy choice, but for the adventurous wine sleuth, an Australian Shiraz-Viognier Barossa 2006 is a discovery I can recommend. My all time favourite would be the Chilean Tarapacca Carmenere, rich in berry fruits and spices to pair with my bowl of Chinese style braised oxtail bones. You will not believe it, but I made my acquaintance and fell in love with Tarapacca in Taipei. Of course, there are far more than one grape or bottle, the more reason to cook and pair more meals.

If you have made the braised Oxtail bones, share your dinner send me a photo.



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Oatmeal in Granola out

Huge fan of super oatmeal cookies, I always stock a bag or two in our pantry if not for cookies than it would be porridge or yoghurt-muesli for breakfast. Crazy enough if you buy Granola or Muesli bars as a healthsnack in between meals, your often to be disappointed being overly sweet. If you want to keep your sugar intake and make fibre and proteins your best buddy you have to check the ingredients list, without accidentally crushing down the health factor.

For weeks a pack of oatmeal was screaming ‘healthy & nutritious” from the kitchen counter, yesterday I did just right for the cookie jar. While preparing Ciabatta bread and feeding my sourdough starters, in between I just threw al ingredients together in a bowl for Home-baked Granola bars! (A short video will be added later to show how easy it is to mix everything together, the sound needs to be re-edited first)

In all fairness I have tried quite a few recipes but the bars keep falling apart, leaving me with more muesli crumbs than bars. Dozen attempts later and building up annoyance I found out by coincidence how to guarantee to make packed bars. While preparing the oatmeal layer in a brownie pan which I first lined with waxed baking paper (cut larger size than the pan), fold down the excess wax paper and press down with another brownie pan use a heavy object, but bodyweight should do the trick. Press the mixture evenly and surely sticking it all together. Don’t over-bake otherwise they’ll turn out as bricks, your teeth won’t like it but our dog did (at least somebody was happy with my mishaps too 🙂 )

Granola bars

Granola bars for the cookie jar or tin

As for recipes ingredients some extra steps, toast your nuts for extra crispiness. I prefer to use honey, maple syrup and consciously try to avoid those which uses (high-fructose) corn syrup, there is a difference between corn syrup and High-fructose corn syrup. Ever since I was drawn into a discussion about high fructose corn syrup I learned more about this topic. The main concerns centres around excessive sugar intake and its contribution to obesity, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease (source: Wikipedia). Read for more information the highlighted article links posted on Eco-watch and Huffington Post “Why to avoid intake or using high-fructose corn syrup at all”.

Granola bars cut when cooled down completely

Granola bars cut when cooled down

This recipe is my basic go-to, all ingredients can be replaced or substituted with almost everything. In the images shown here I’ve used dried sultanas and raisins, during other bakes I’ve used cranberries, blueberries, dried orange peel and the list goes on. The same for the nuts, although peanuts and almonds are most used basically a combination of various seeds or a mix combined with nuts. As for the binding liquid I used vegetable oil, honey and vanilla essence. Use at least two or three dried fruits otherwise the sweetness will drop and you’ll have to add sugar for balance, which isn’t necessary. Again press it down firmly.

Binding liquid; vegetable oil, honey and vanilla extract

Binding liquid; vegetable oil, honey and vanilla extract












Rocky Roads recipe

us flag icon   Rocky Roads recipe in English, just scroll down to the recipe box and more on Rocky Road treats here.

For information on how-to temper chocolate video English version.

My friend’s daughter is leaving home very soon for study abroad and as a gift, she wants to give her daughter a cook book in native Dutch language. Filled with many family and friends recipes of international dishes as a reminder of home-cooking; comfort food to enjoy and share with her new friendship circle.

I shared my version of Rocky Roads recipe which I have prepared for her mum in the past and often bring this as a food gift along as a nibble on various pot lucks or tastings. Rocky Roads are always a great success among chocolate lovers. Therefore the recipe hereunder is a Dutch translation as in the recipe box.


nl Rocky Roads recept  – Marshmallow chocolade-noten rotsen


  • 350 gram pure chocolade (melkchocolade of mix met puur en wit) grof gehakt of je gebruikt chocolade druppels) ± 2 koppen.
  • ½ kop mini witte marshmallows
  • ½ kop mini roze marshmallows Geen mini, dan grote fijnsnijden in mini dobbelsteentjes
  • ½ kop cranberries (optioneel) i.p.v rozijnen, sultanas of andere gedroogde vruchten
  •  ½ kop geroosterde walnoten grof gehakt, houdt 2 volle eetlepels apart voor garnering
  •  Optioneel: 1/4 – 1/2 theelepel cayennepeper of chilipeper vlokken


1. Magnetron kom, brownie pan, bakpapier, siliconen spatel, thermometer

2. Indien nodig marshmallows fijnsnijden in dobbelsteentjes, apart zetten

3. Grof gehakte walnoten even roosteren in een koekenpan, tot dat ze een mooi goudbruine kleur krijgen en knapperig wanneer ze afgekoeld zijn.

Naast geroosterde noten kun je het nog lekkerder maken met een krokant suikerlaagje. Ik heb knapperige gekarameliseerde walnoten gemaakt en doe hier bereidingsrecept als variatie erbij:

Benodigdheden: 1 kop walnoten, ¼ kop suiker, 1 eetlepel boter (extra toevoeging: kaneel mengen door de suiker).

Bereidingswijze: Alles tegelijk in de koekenpan toevoegen, zodra suiker begint te smelten blijf het geheel roeren en wentel alle walnoot-stukjes erdoor. Zodat alles is bedekt met een mooi gesuikerd laagje. Dan gesuikerde walnoot-stukjes verspreiden op bakpapier en af laten koelen. Gebruik de helft voor dit recept en bewaar de rest voor de volgende bereiding of bij andere bak recepten, salades etc.

4. Chocolade blok grof hakken of als je aan chocolade druppels kunt komen dan gewoon gelijk in magnetron kom doen.

5. Knip bakpapier iets groter dan de brownie schaal zodat het een opstaande rand heeft.

6. Temperen van chocolade, dit zorgt voor een mooie glans en krokantheid. Pure chocolade smelt je op 45 à 50 °C. Je laat het afkoelen tot 38°C, doet de koude stukjes erbij en eindigt rond de 31 à 32°C. Op die temperatuur is de chocolade klaar voor verwerking.

Let op: temperatuur verschilt bij verschillende chocolade soorten! Wil je er meer over weten bekijk dan deze video link van Njam “Tempereren van chocolade


1. Temperen van chocolade als je het voor de eerste keer gaat maken, houdt een voedselthermometer bij de hand. Bekijk de video link voor informatie en instructies.

2. Voeg de grof gehakte chocolade of druppels in een magnetron schaal en zap 1-2 min. (900 watt liever korter en nog een keer, dit om te voorkomen dat chocolade verbrand!) Zodra je ziet dat de kern al gesmolten is dan flink roeren met de siliconen spatel door de restwarmte smelt de rest vanzelf en koelt het ook enigszins af.

3. Als het een mooie glanzende massa is geworden voeg je alle andere ingrediënten erbij, alles goed door elkaar mengen.

4. Optioneel: een snufje cayenne-poeder erbij, dat combineert heel mooi met chocolade. Het geeft het net een beetje pit, zonder pittig te zijn.

5. Giet de Rocky Road mix in de brownie pan, strijk het enigszins glad en strooi de laatste 2 eetlepels gehakte walnoten als garnering erboven op. Laat het afkoelen op kamertemperatuur of 25-30 min in de koelkast.

6. Afgekoeld omkeren op snijplank, verwijder voorzichtig bakpapier en snij in mooie vierkantjes. Klaar om te serveren of weg te geven.

Tip: De chocolade kruimels wat op de snijplank achterblijft niet weggooien maar doe het lekker bij de koffie of bij warme chocolademelk erin. Errug lekker :-p

Hainan Chicken Rice recipe dinner tonight

My adaptation of Hainan Chicken Rice recipe is here below with related links:

Aromatic poached chicken, tender and succulent very healthy and easy way of preparing. The poaching broth doubles as clear soup and flavours the cooked rice. Final result of three dishes; tender succulent poached chicken, flavored rice and aromatic soup.

Cooking dinner tonight

Prepare dinner for 4-6 adults, with kids, it can serve easily up to 8 persons.

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Recipe Hainan Chicken Rice; Preparing chickens; stuffing set

Preparing chickens; ingredients to marinate and for flavour


Hainan Chicken rice - lunch & diner

Hainan Chicken rice – lunch & diner

After reading and enjoying a good meal, why not travel to Hainan? The tropical island of China with white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and waving palms beckoning you to come and visit. “China’s southernmost province, an allure that is increasingly known worldwide as it is set to become an international tourist destination.” Source: China Daily

The island is located in the South China Sea near Vietnam. It has not always been such a commercial and busy island. Tucked away behind the vast country mountains, this island has long been hidden for tourism. Han Chinese already built villages around 200 BC. But the Li population was only discovered in the 1930s.

Hainan is also called ‘Tail of the Dragon.’ Money is not the problem, like many popular areas in China. The developments go here with the speed of light. The island has a speed rail that allows you to move, although we find that bikes are still the best option.

Hainan, China

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed

Easy week meal, quick, healthy and tasty shellfish in a velvety Thai red curry sauce. In the fridge, I had a container of 2 kg fresh mussels which I transferred into a big bowl to soak/rinse the mussels in water plus 2 tablespoons of salt. The mussels breathe, filtering water and expelling sand. I always take a few hours to soak and change water, by doing so the beard will come loose or a lot easier to remove and the sand sinks to the bottom. The changing of water in between soaks will prevent pouring accidentally sand into the cooking vessel.

Having prepared the main ingredient in advance I was contemplating between French style Moules Mariniere or Belgian style, although I have to admit at times I get confused in discussion regarding ingredients and distinction between the two. With or without cream, wine, herbs, flour etc. Recently I discovered a recipe where I noticed for the first time mentioning ‘Trappist bier’  in Moules à la bière recipe, mussels cooked with Belgian beer of course.

Alas, no beers but Pilsner (Lager) so skipped that for another night and since the weather changed, I opted for a bit of heat and spice instead. However, was missing a few ingredients, in that case you make do with what is available at hand. I had ran out of coconut cream and coconut milk, so I replaced that by  using coconut oil and a small packet of Alpro soya cream which was given as a sample. The alternative recipe is as shown with this post photo images, but for authenticity I will mention at the bottom how to cook using fresh herbs as lemon grass, coriander etc that would have complemented the Thai flavor and as decoration (chili too for heat and color).

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed

Improvising with a few ingredients I came up with a bit of heat and spice making it flavorful and nice 🙂

ทานให้อร่อยนะ! Thān h̄ı̂ xr̀xy na (than hi aroy na) Enjoy your meal

Thai Red Curry, Palm Sugar, Coconut oil, Soy cream

Thai Red Curry pase, Palm Sugar, Coconut oil, Soy cream

Coconut cream or milk would be preferred for taste and flavor, but soy cream was a good alternative ingredient to thicken the sauce slightly (soy milk is not an option!). If you don’t have palm sugar, regular white sugar works fine. At the background you just can see the bottle of oyster sauce (works as substitute), which I didn’t use, what is missing in this image is Thai fish sauce.

Coconut oil and red curry paste stir fried

Heat coconut oil, add red curry paste and stir-fry quickly, to mix and release flavors

Red curry paste with leeks and soy cream

Add the leeks, soy cream and stir till it starts to boil.

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed in a velvety sauce

Thai red curry mussels, stir-fried & steamed in a velvety sauce

For a change I flat out had no herbs in my kitchen (no ginger, no galangal, no lemongrass even shallots were finished) so I used finely sliced leek instead. If you do have the aforementioned ingredients than chop it up finely, heat the oil in the wok add the ingredients and when it releases aromas add the red curry paste. Give everything a good stir than add the coconut milk to bind it all together, while rinsing off the mussels in a sieve , let it drip off all the excess water, add them into the wok. Put the lid on and let it cook steam for approximately 7-8 minutes till all shells have opened while giving it two good shakes in between. When done open the lid and tadaa! Stir around the sauce so it coats all the mussels. Wholladuh goodness,Thai red curry mussels, stir-fry & steam ! If you happen to have coriander at hand, chop a handful and scatter on top add finely sliced red pepper for color and a bit of fresh heat.

Cooking with fresh herb ingredients only intensifies the flavors, but even with the minimum I had this time it still was a great dinner. Serve on a plate with plain Jasmine rice and enjoy your Thai infused mussels.