Flat beans stir-fry with ground pork & bean sauce, recipe


Flat beans are in season now for € 0,99 p/kg, fresh bright green, smooth skin, crunchy and string less, flat beans belong to the same group as runner beans. Flat beans here in The Netherlands/Europe are cooked, boiled or steamed, although I do not know many cooks who will use this unless they have a steamer appliance or steamer-oven otherwise too much hassle. My favorite way of cooking is stir-frying, the cutting up takes more time than cooking in a wok or saute pan/flatware.


Day before I had prepared fresh aubergines with SiChuan chilibean paste and I only needed half a package of ground pork meat, so I had some leftover ground meat to be used.


When I refer to soybean paste, I realized it can be confusing especially since I have 4 kinds of bean sauce. Three as shown in the picture above; the first one is a Taiwanese brand, the two glass jars Chinese and the fourth one missing is a Thai version (a photo will appear in another dish soon). Now for tonight’s dinner I only used bean sauce, the middle jar but if I would be cooking with chicken or dou fu I would mix bean and hot bean sauce together for an even stronger flavor.

Flat beans stir-fried with ground pork & bean sauce

To speed up cooking even more, you could zap the bean in the microwave for 5-7min (depending microwave power), we like a crunchier texture so never pass beyond 7 min otherwise even stir-frying will make them wilt even more. With cutting up the vegetables, cooking the rice (2-3pers) and stir-frying this dish dinner is served with 15- 20 minutes tops.


You can substitute flat beans for runner beans and make this a vegetarian dish by omitting ground meat, variation are endless. You can even create a spicier version by mixing both the bean and hot bean sauce or adding a chili paste to enhance spiciness and leave out the bean sauce entirely. This recipe gives you a base to mix and match and experiment further to create your dish.

Flat beans stir-fry with beansauce

By RongHua Ching Published: May 15, 2014

  • Yield: 3-4 Servings
  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Ready In: 20 mins

Flat beans or green beans, this recipe easily substitutes with other hard vegetables and adapts easily for a vegetarian style without adding meat. Serves as a main or a side-dish with more guests and dishes.



  1. Wash and cut flat beans diagonally 2cm wide, the angle will resemble diamond cut vegetables. Slice the onion and mash the garlic. Prepare ahead: Add the cornstarch to ½-¾ cup of water, stir till solved and thickens. This 'slurry' is to bind the sauce at the end, have it stand-by.
  2. Heat up the wok/saute pan, add oil when it smokes add the ground meat and keep stirring around till browned all over. Add the onion and garlic keep stirring till aroma appears. If you like to speed up cooking, zap the sliced flat beans in microwave for 5-7 min. Drain water.
  3. Vegetarian style; begin with oil in the wok/saute pan heat and add onion first 1-2 min stir, add garlic than followed by diamond cut flat beans, stir around and add bean sauce, continue with steps of adding flavorings. Put the lid on for 7 min or less (depends pre-cooked or not), if not sure watch the color of greens turning bright green or bite to check the level of crunchiness.
  4. Non-vegetarian style: Add the beansauce with the ground meat, keep stirring till it is incorporated than add Chinese cooking wine, stir. Add the diamond cut flat beans, keep stir-frying. Followed by chicken powder, light soy sauce, stir put the lid on for 5-7 min if not pre-cooked.
  5. If pre-cooked, stir again add the thickening prepared slurry (give a good stir in the cup so it is liquid and not with solids), stir everything through. Put the lid on for 2min. Take the lid off, taste add salt & pepper, adjust if needed and serve with white rice.

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