Entering China and internet

Arriving in Guangzhou bought at the airport an Unicorn mobile Sim Card for 130¥, basically overpaid according to our local friends, as at all Airports whether its for food or services. My husband bought one at the convenience store a day later for much less with immediate Internet access. While I had to figure out how to get settings right to get on-line four days later.

Acquiring internet access is not the problem in China, but what is still being cut off social media access by not having set up VPN access at home before I left. It is a headache if your travelling, what is available and working is Whatsapp, Foursquare and Path (latter has upload hick-ups).

Keeping in touch with our home-base in The Netherlands sharing theirs and our daily adventures and musings is more than just habitual. In between using Skype to have face-to-face chats is comfort for the soul.

However trying to upload my social media posts and reading my time-lines is a growing nuisance to me, so I’ve been looking for ways to get through and have been browsing for free VPN downloads.

Reading quite a few reviews I opted for Teamviewer 5, one of the articles I liked is written by Sarah Lynn for PCmag.com, The Best VPN Clients. While browsing for Teamviewer file I ran into a newly released update for Linux Teamviewer 7, which I’m trying to download and install.

No luck Linux doesn’t recognize the file, switching over to Ubuntu Software Center to get Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager to work instead. Have to get some help and support installing this program.

Hope this search doesn’t turn as cold as the weather, in Guangzhou we were enjoying daily average 25º Celsius, but now in Yiwu it has dropped to below 10º Celsius and going down to zero degrees within the next few days.