Chinese Navy 1st visit to The Netherlands

The 18th Escort Task Group of the Chinese Navy arrived today for the first time visiting the Kingdom of the Netherlands, from 26th to 30th January, 2015. The Escort Task Group, consisting of the amphibious transport dock Chang Baishan, the missile-frigate Yun Cheng and the replenishment ship Chaohu.

Deputy Chief of Defence Bekkering welcomed Rear Admiral Zhang Chuanshu, deputy chief of staff of the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy and commanding officer of the 18th Chinese naval escort fleet. In his speech he expressed great importance to deepen mutual understanding and cooperation with the Dutch Navy, and to further enhance the friendship between the two countries as well as the two navies.

During the welcome ceremony the orchestra of the Royal Navy performed, attended by 400 Dutch-Chinese, Dutch- based and overseas students living in the Netherlands. The Chinese crew will visit Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, during their stay they will speak with Dutch colleagues to exchange experiences. After their 4 day stay, the ships will leave the Port of Rotterdam and proceed their trip to France, Britain and Germany.

A very special occasion which attracted a big crowd on their arrival day, since it was open for Chinese visitors and later on for the Dutch public on Wednesday 28th of February. After the Welcome speech the attendees were invited to come on board. While a rain shower relentlessly came down, nobody gave up the rare opportunity to take their turn to visit the amphibious transport dock Chang Baishan.

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Welcome Chinese Navy, The Escort Task Group at Wilhelminakade, World Port Center – Rotterdam, The Netherlands