Words of tea leaves

Tea originated in China as a medicinal drink, it has a cooling, slightly bitter with light or strong astringent flavor. Since ancient times Chinese tea leaves have become world’s most popular and consumed drink.

Chamomile GouQi Zi Tea – MY CUP 茶馆

As a child we grew up with all kinds of herbal infused stew concoctions as food, drinking medicinal

Tea connection, introducing The Tea Urchin

Tea Connection For the love of Tea, I’ve made a wonderful connection with the owners of Tea Urchin,

Cupping Tea – How to taste and grade Chinese teas

Guest post contributed by The Tea Urchin blog. Chinese Tea ceremony, tea grading Cupping tea is a sensory process

A bit of Tea history of Taiwan

The Dutch East India Company, also known as the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie), after being driven out by

Herbal Gan Mao Cha cold remedy tea

Chinese herbal tea; Four Seasons “Gan Mao Cha”

Teatime stories: Gunpowder & Moroccan tea ceremony

It’s amazing how far tea has travelled from its origin China in the Far-East to the North-West of

Moroccan Mint Tea my style

While the sun is coming out, our little urban garden comes to live with visits of feathery friends

Osmanthus Oolong tea, Teacup trails stories

I’m without a doubt a coffee junkie as well as a tea addict, with preferences for original tea

Lemongrass ginger herbal tisane – My Cup 茶馆

While I am typing this post it is raining again as it was yesterday, although I don’t mind