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Miracle loaf & bread starters

Miracle loaf recipe My bread baking journey started off, by collecting bread recipes on the internet for the

Bread baking journey & starters

Baking is a lot of fun, tasty and rewarding, started in my teenage years experimenting with my first

Rocky Roads recipe

   Rocky Roads recipe in English, just scroll down to the recipe box and more on Rocky Road

Apricot Almond Cake recipe

Seasonal fruit in abundance, the fragrance, the colors, the shapes, taste and textures everything awakens all your sensory

Huat Kueh 发糕 or Prosperity Cake by Louisiana van Menxel

A Guest recipe contribution from my Indonesian-Chinese friend and fantastic home Chef Lousiana van Menxel. Both our family moved

Share a bread recipe and tips

I’ve tried making soda bread before but couldn’t get a nice end result, so I browsed around on