Bitter Melon juice with Ginger, Honey and Lemon

The basic recipe for bitter melon or bitter gourd juice:

  • 2-3 small spiky bitter melon cleaned, halved remove sponge with seeds and pith or 1 medium-large smooth bitter melon
  • honey and lemon juice to taste
  • water

In some cooking and juicing recipes you can use the whole vegetable only removing the ends and chopped, the seeds are edible but work on your digestive system, a known side effect is a gastrointestinal discomfort.

Drinking bitter Melon juice plain mixed with a little bit of water is common, but it gets more palatable by adding ginger, lemon/lime juice and honey. For more recipes click here.


Bitter Melon Juice with Ginger, honey and lemon


Bitter Melon with Ginger, Honey and Lemon Juice

By RongHua Ching Published: May 23, 2014

    Bitter Melon juice by itself is just what it is bitter, you can just add honey or lemon/lime juice for taste. Or here mix the ingredients all together for a energetic drink with great benefits.


    • teaspoon salt for soaking chopped bitter melon
    • ½ -1 lemon squeeze lemon juice/lime juice
    • ½ cm ginger small piece, ½ -1 tsp freshly grated or powder
    • 1 tablespoon honey to taste
    • ½ cup ice cubes or water


    1. If you want to reduce the bitterness soak the chopped bitter melon for half an hour first or parboil for 2 min. set aside. Pour off the water rinse and proceed further.
    2. In a blender jug add the ice cubes with the chopped bitter melon, whiz for 20 sec. Then add lemon, ginger powder or finely grated ginger and honey to taste, whiz till smooth. Drink it as a smoothie or if you prefer juice, then pour through a sieve/cheesecloth to extract the juice.
    3. Using a juicing machine is more convenient and easier, just put the whole bitter melon with ginger through the feeding tube. If necessary filter and separate the foam. Pour lemon juice into a glass add the bitter melon juice followed by the honey and stir to mix and dissolve. Adding water to your liking and ice-cubes optional.

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