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Asianfoodtrail.com website & community, featuring Life – Travel – Food posts and more. Spotting South-east Asian & European Lifestyle trends, travel destinations, discovering local communities, street markets and slices of daily life. On the look out for fun gadgets, following international or local news with interesting facts and figures. Sampling and searching for a global range of innovative products and related market or local information.

General articles are all posted in English, our Food and Culture categories will also feature posts written in the Dutch language.

Our Mission

Asianfoodtrail aspires for the new Urbanists; “generation of global mobile citizens” (a.k.a Third Culture Kids and Adults) to provide a platform where adaptable individuals embracing diverse communities as an intricate part of their life. Who enjoy linking their societies of origin and residence(s) to create and sustain multiple social and cultural relations & interests.

Our intention is to sponsor cultural intelligence by sharing and exchanging information using inter-cultural communication as a responsive means. An initiative to assist shaping towards a support where all connections come together, with an array of resources and services from members and supporters building a strong on-line network and a vibrant community.

Our mindset

Asianfoodtrail inspired by people in supporting effective communication, sharing collective inspiration and greater diversity. Promote multicultural collaboration in combining resources and influence to support common interest and purposes for health and sustainable lifestyle.

Chinese Proverb: A Journey of a Thouand Miles begins with A Single Step

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