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With four Masters of Wine now living and residing in Asia, the first person to receive Master of Wine title was Jeannie Cho Lee MW. She is an award-winning author, television host, editor, wine critic, judge and educator based in Hong Kong. Her pioneering Asian Palate book 2009, explores wine and Asian food pairings. It has won many awards, including the Gourmand Award for Best Food and Wine Pairing Book in the World in 2010.

Her second book, Mastering Wine for the Asian Palate (2011), introduces a new set of Asian wine descriptors for major grape varieties and wine styles. Visit her website where authentic Asian Cuisines and wines are celebrated together; mastering wine, food trends, pairing guide and taste notes database are just a few highlights.

 "Savouring Asian Cuisine & Wine" by Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Asian Palate by Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Jeannie has developed an Asian oriented Food and Wine Wheel with wine recommendations for various southeast-Asian cuisines, which I ordered online directly through website. I genuinely can recommend her first book,  it is exceptional informative about pairing of Asian cuisines with old and new world wines for wine lovers and sommeliers. My hard copy on-line book purchase was delivered through US, ( for your convenience the highlighted text links here above will direct to European site).

food and wine wheel - Asian Palate

Food & Wine wheel

She also collaborated with the German Wine Institute, launching the 52-page book in November 2011, for full read click on the article link: “Perfect Pairings: German Wines and Asian Flavours“. The German Wine Institute Dutch brand office, hosted a book launch event held in Amsterdam where Jeannie presented the book during luncheon with Dutch-Asian Chefs and Restaurateurs. I stumbled upon this online Dutch review article  Smaak van Wijn (Dutch readers only, no translated transcript).

For more information on how to obtain a book copy, visit the German Wines website. The site also offers an online shop with interactive web-based food and wine pairing tool with other helpful accessories. Most importantly it has tons of information how to discover, experience and enjoy German Wines with wine travel tours and tips.

A video impression, watch The Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI), German Wine Institute  Youtube channel for more information or play video with Jeannie Cho lee MW “Perfect Pairings is a journey that all of us are taking together.”

For those who are studying wines, join me on my discovery of popular and unknown grapes trails. I have embarked on taking WSET Level 3 Course and Germany, Austria and East-Europe wine post is up next where I share my explorations.


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